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How to Book an Event (Temporarily Disabled)

Find an event to attend

Search or browse for any listed event.

Choose date of attending

Select a convenient event date and click Book Now.

Get the event ticket

After successful booking, You will receive an email with the booked ticket.

How to Create an event

1. Register as a Vendor

You need a Vendor Account to create events and sell tickets. Choose ‘Vendor’ in the Register page along with your details. Creating a vendor account gives you exclusive access to a Vendor Dashboard where you can :

  • View all of your events in one place.
  • Create a new event or edit events individually.
  • See report of your previous sales.
  • and much more..
Register Now >
2. Create Event in My Account

If you are registered as a Vendor, you can create new events any time from the Create Event page in Vendor Dashboard. To create an event, You only need to provide information that is to be displayed in the Event Page.

My Account >
3. Save and Publish

Click ‘Save Event’ after filling in the event details to Publish event. You can preview the event page after saving and edit the event details from ‘My Account’ at any time.

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